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“Over the years, I have been to various massage therapists but once I went
to Lauren, I did not look anywhere else. I have been going to see her for
many years now as she knows how to treat any problem I have with soreness.
As someone who uses his back for a living – conducting symphony orchestras –
Lauren knows which areas of my body to work and how to fix them.

She is also very personable and relates well to her clients. I have
recommended many friends and colleagues to Lauren – they have all thanked me

George Ellis


“As a result of many years sitting behind a desk and focusing on a PC, I sort Lauren’s assistance in treating my chronic back and neck pain. Lauren has a knack of talking to people and being able to obtain a thorough understanding of their issues. This understanding is reflected in the manner she approaches her sessions. She is the ultimate listener, well experienced in a variety of treatments and diligently works on specific areas of the body.

Since commencing my consultations with Lauren, my pain has eased and I have gained back my mobility in my neck. The great thing with Lauren is that she passes on her knowledge and experience through her sessions.
The benefit of her treatments extend beyond the hourly session as she takes the time to provide you with exercises which can be done at home. Lauren has been the consummate professional since commencing my sessions over ten years ago and I would highly recommend her if in need of remedial therapy.”

Gina Assimakis


“I have had massages for 40 years, starting when I played rugby as a teenager.  I am qualified to Level II in Sports Medicine and now, as a mature-age athlete with chronic back, neck and calf problems, could not continue with my chosen sports without the right therapist.

Lauren is the consummate professional.  She has great hands and good intuitive feel, backed up by sound knowledge and theory as she is constantly reading, learning and expanding her skill repertoire. 

Even more importantly, what sets her apart from the pack is her deep understanding of the therapist – patient partnership.  She listens well, communicates well, is keen to educate and include her patients in their therapy for maximum, sustainable benefit.  Lauren goes that extra yard, making you feel well cared for.  She has a calm, healing manner and has the unique gift of being able to transform stress and pain into relaxation and calm.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.” 

Frank McKeown


“I have been receiving treatment from Lauren over the past 10 years for chronic pain associated with an ongoing condition.  The treatment has included Remedial and deep tissue massage in addition to trigger point therapy.  In my view these natural therapy treatments which I have received regularly, has largely been the reason I am still able to remain mobile.  Without this treatment even walking short distances would have been very difficult and painful.  

Lauren is a thorough professional who often will do extra research into treatments and methods which would be beneficial to her clients.  She has a real dedication to her profession and enthusiasm to help people.  I would highly recommend Lauren to others who would benefit from her treatments.” 

Geoff Tye


“I have had chronic back pain ever since the birth of my eldest daughter over 6 years ago. I work in an office, staring at a computer for most of the day, causing regular neck and shoulder tension. Having tried a number of physiotherapists, massage therapists and osteopaths, nothing has worked as well to relieve the pain as a remedial massage from Lauren.

She has magic hands that find those truly achy spots and knead them until they let go. 

The other great thing about Lauren is that, although she has standard manoeuvres, every massage is different. She notices where you are tight each time, and tailors each massage to suit your needs on that day. Anyone who appreciates a good remedial massage will appreciate Lauren.” 

Selena Choo